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Lake District_2034 copyLake District_2034Rydal Water Lake District_2103Rydal Water Lake District_2125Lake-District_1713-copyLake-District_1702Scafell and Scafell Pike from Great-GableWasdale Valley from Great Gable.Kirk Fell, Pillar, Haystacks, and Red Pike from Green GableDuke fo Portland Lakes_1591-Glenridding from Sheffield Pike, 27/02/2022Rydal Water Sunrise 2, 27/03/2022Rydal Water Sunrise 1, 27/03/2022Rydal Cave 2, 19/05/2022Glenridding from above 2, 17/04/2022Glenridding from above 1, 17/04/2022Rannerdale Herdwick and Bluebells, 10/05/2022Rannerdale Bluebells, 10/05/2022Glenridding bluebells, 24/05/2022Grasmere Bluebells, 18/05/2022