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Prebends Bridge, Durham-City 19-11-2023Tyne Bridge QuaysideTyne Bridge QuaysideSt. Paul's LondonPrebends Bridge, Durham City 16/05/2010Prebends Bridge AutumnPrebend Bridge, Durham City 20/06/2019Prebends Bridge Snow, Durham CityPrebends Bridge, Durham City 02/08/2021Quayside Dusk 16/09/2019Quayside Night 16/09/2019Quayside night 11/12/2019Durham Cathedral from the River Weir 24/11/2019South-Gare, Redcar 07-08-2019Quayside Bridges 12-08-2019Durham City Dusk 23-09-2019Quayside Dusk 16-09-2019London-2018 'St. Pauls and the Millenium Bridge'London-2018 'The Shard'London-2018 'The Scoop'